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Tragedy highlights the need for Tasmanian parents to ensure their children are safe online

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Senator Stephen Parry Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate Liberal, Tasmania


Monday May 17, 2010

Tragedy highlights the need for Tasmanian parents to ensure their children are safe online

TASMANIAN parents should review the privacy settings of their children’s Facebook and other social networking pages in light of a tragedy interstate, Liberal Senator Stephen Parry said today.

“Police in New South Wales have warned young people not to upload photos and personal details on their Facebook profiles following the murder of a te enage girl,” Senator Parry said.

“Understandably, there is concern that the public profiles of young people on such sites as Facebook can not only make them targets , but also leave them rather vulnerable to sexual predators.”

Senator Parry, an advocate against child sexualisation and a former police officer , said parents and guardians should take an active interest in their children’s online social networking and behaviour.

“Parents and young people need to be aware of the privacy settings on Facebook and similar sites and use those settings to protect themselves against the dangers that, unfortunately, do exist in our society,” he said.

“Children can use the internet safely, but parents have both the right and the responsibility to ensure that they are.

“They can do so by making their children aware of the importance of withholding personal information and limiting who can see their photos to only those they know.

“ In light of the New South Wales tragedy, young people should be particularly cautious meeting someone in person, or ‘offline’. At the very least they should take a trusted friend along.”



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