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It's in the detail Sid

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Senator Stephen Parry Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate Liberal, Tasmania


Thursday April 29, 2010

It’s in the detail Sid

LABOR backbencher Sid Sidebottom should be challenged to answer basic questions about the management of the Rudd Government’s National Broadband Network (NBN), Liberal Senator Stephen Parry said today.

“Mr Sidebottom was sent out yesterday to attack the Coalition’s legitimate scrutiny of the NBN roll-out, but where is the detail?

“ In October last year my colleagues and I asked the relevant Labor minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, a se ries of questions on the roll-out, which have gone unanswered.

“We asked and Tasmanians want to know:

• What will NBN customers pay a month and how many customers must sign on for the NBN to be viable? • Will the NBN be laid above or underground in our cities and towns? • Where is the business case supporting the NBN given the point that there is more than

one road to faster and better broadband? • What impact might the increasing roll-out of wireless technology have on the NBN’ s sustainability? • Will the taxpayer be forced to pick up the tab and pay ongoing subsidies should the NBN

fail to be a commercial success?

“Mr Sidebottom should also be challenged to back up his assertion that the NBN will ‘provide a significant economic boost to the North-West region ’ with a business case.

“Labor and Mr Sidebottom need to learn that when it comes to managing the expenditure of vast amounts of taxpayers’ money it ’s the detail that counts.

“Indeed, if the Rudd Government had an eye for detail, we may no t have seen the tragic consequences that have arisen from its mismanagement of the home insulation scheme.”



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