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Coalition policy to save Tasmanian jobs while encouraging us all to cut carbon emissions

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Senator Stephen Parry Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate Liberal, Tasmania


Wednesday February 3, 2010

Coalition policy to save Tasmanian jobs while encouraging us all to cut carbon emissions

Incentives to encourage sustainable carbon emission reduction measures or an all-encompassing new tax that would cost jobs - that is the choice Tasmanians will face at the next federal election, Liberal Senator Stephen Parry said today.

``Our decision to oppose Labor’s new tax won support from a great many Tasmanians who understandably fear the loss of local jobs,’’ Senator Parry said.

``Now, we can make very clear to local families and workers that not only will we continue to oppose Mr Rudd’s massive new carbon tax, but we have an alternative policy that will achieve emission cuts through direct action.

``Under a Coalition Government, Tasmanians who want to reduce their carbon footprints would be able to receive financial incentives to install solar-powered hot water systems, for example.

``Up to 100,000 rebates of $1000 each would be given out every year in addition to existing solar rebates.

``We would support the growing of as many as 20 million new trees through re -establishing urban forests and green corridors.

``Tasmanian businesses who find ways to reduce their emissions - and I know many are seriously considering how they can do their part - would be rewarded by being able to sell their carbon abatement to the federal government.

``The choice is clear: Labor’s massive new tax that would belt the life out of our community, or the new Coalition plan that offers incentives to cut emissions without costing jobs.’’



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