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Primary industries Bill will assist Australian egg industry

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The Hon. Dr Mike Kelly AM MP Parliamentar y Secretar y for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestr y

Primary industries Bill will assist Australian egg industry

29 September 2010 DAFF10/009K

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Dr Mike Kelly today introduced legislation into the House of Representatives, on behalf of the Gillard Labor Government, that aims to boost the research and development outcomes of the Australian egg industry.

Dr Kelly said that the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Amendment Bill 2010 will ensure that Australia’s egg industry maintains its strong tradition of being innovative and adaptive.

“Levies provide an effective system for funding the necessary research and development (R&D),” said Dr Kelly.

“The goal of Australian Egg Corporation Limited’s (AECL) R&D program is to improve efficiency, sustainability, egg quality, education and technology transfer in the Australian egg industry.

“If passed, this legislation will allow the Australian Government to respond to a request by AECL, on behalf of the egg industry, to increase the R&D levy rate to 13.5 cents per laying chicken. The levy is currently 10 cents per laying chicken, the maximum allowed under the legislation.

“The increased levy rate will assist the industry to expand its R&D objectives outlined in its

2008-12 Strategic Plan. The R&D objectives include improving flock health and disease management, animal welfare and environmental sustainability”.

The request by the AECL followed consultation with the industry and met the government’s Levy Principles and Guidelines.

To increase the levy rate from 10 to 13.5 cents as requested by the AECL is a two-step process.

The legislation has to be changed to increase the maximum allowable R&D levy rate. The Government has decided to increase the cap from 10 to 30 cents now to cover potential future levy increases that the industry may require.

If the Bill is approved by Parliament, the Government will amend the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Regulations 1999 to increase the levy to 13.5 cents per laying chicken.

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