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Infrastructure lift for Gladstone.

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A re-elected Labor Government will work with the Gladstone Port Corporation and the Queensland Government to complete the final two stages of the Gladstone Port Access Road.

The project will receive up to $50 million from the Regional Infrastructure Fund, subject to the completion of detailed planning work and an assessment by Infrastructure Australia.

The two final stages of the Gladstone Port Access Road (GPAR) will involve an extension from Glenlyon Street to Blain Drive (Stage 2) and from Blain Drive to Red Rover Road (Stage 3), with construction expected to start in 2012.

This will provide a dedicated heavy vehicle route, which will take trucks off local streets and link directly into the upgraded Kirkwood Road.

Its completion would ease local traffic congestion and make Gladstone’s roads safer.

Given the multibillion dollar resource developments taking place across the region, the completion of this dedicated heavy vehicle road link is a prime candidate for funding under the Federal Labor Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund.

Central Queensland deserves a fair return from QLD’s expanding economy and multi-billion dollar resource developments.

That is why Federal Labor will invest more than $2 billion in QLD infrastructure from the Regional Infrastructure Fund for important projects like the Gladstone Port Access Road.

A re-elected Gillard Labor Government will also invest an additional $95 million to deliver a more extensive upgrade of the Calliope Crossroad than originally planned, with construction work expected to start in 2012.

The decision to increase the investment in this project is based on the outcomes of the long term planning work and the community consultations that has already been conducted.

There is now a solution which better reflects the community’s expectations and the region’s long term infrastructure needs.

The new interchange will ease local traffic congestion and deliver safer, quicker driving conditions for the 9,000 motorists and 1,600 truck drivers that pass through this intersection between the Bruce and Dawson Highways each day.

The additional $95 million for the upgrade will come from the next phase of the Nation Building Program commencing in 2014-15, with $55 million already allocated in the current Nation Building Program.

These announcements are a tribute to the strong and persistent representations from Chris Trevor. In less than three years, Chris Trevor has developed a reputation in Canberra as a fierce advocate for this part of Australia.

“With the provision of infrastructure the region’s number one priority, I’m proud to be part of a Government that understands our needs and is determined to do something about it,” Mr Trevor said.

In contrast, Mr Abbott and his local candidate would take us back to the days of neglect and buck-passing when it comes to the long-term infrastructure challenges of a resurgent mining boom.

Mr Abbott will deny the region the funding needed to build the better, safer and more sustainable transport infrastructure that will keep the economy strong.

The funding announced today builds on the record $8.6 billion the Federal Labor Government is already investing in Queensland’s road and rail infrastructure.

The Regional Infrastructure Fund is fully funded and included in the budget as part of the Government’s reforms to the mining sector, consistent with the Gillard Labor Government’s commitment to return the budget to surplus in three years.

The Gladstone Port Corporation has pledged $5 million up front for the planning work to get the project shovel ready. Together with the Queensland Department of Main Roads, they will work to get the planning right and to get the project assessed by Infrastructure Australia.


11 AUGUST 2010