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Diplomatic appointment: Kim Beazley.

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Thu, 17th September 2009


The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

The Coalition welcomes the appointment of Kim Beazley to Australia’s most important diplomatic appointment as

Ambassador to the United States of America, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop said today.

Ms Bishop said Mr Beazley is well known to many senior people in the United States and has a long-standing

and deep commitment to strengthening the relationship between our two countries.

“Mr Beazley has been a passionate advocate for Australia’s alliance with the United States for many years and

he is eminently qualified for this position,” she said.

“During his long and distinguished Parliamentary career, Kim earned the respect of all sides of politics from his

fundamental decency and his intellect.

“It is apparent that Mr Beazley has always believed that Australia’s relationship with the United States is our

nation’s most important strategic relationship, particularly in terms of our national security.”

Ms Bishop noted that Mr Beazley’s father, the late Kim Beazley senior, was also known as a strong supporter of

Australia’s alliance with the United States during his 32 year career as a Federal Parliamentarian.

“I wish Kim and Susie well and look forward to their contribution to this vital diplomatic post.”