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Labor's threats to woman candidate a disgrace [Anne Scott]

Labor's treatment of a woman seeking pre-selection in the seat of Oxley was a disgrace and an indictment of the Opposition's professed commitment to increasing women parliamentarians within its ranks, the Minister for the Status of Women, the Hon Judi Moylan MP said today.

A radio transcript from ABC radio in Brisbane of an interview with Labor candidate Anne Scott includes allegations of threats that senior members of the ALP would tip a "bucket of muck" on Ms Scott if she continued with her pre-selection campaign.

Mrs Moylan said the transcript demonstrated the total hypocrisy of Labor's professed commitment to women.

"Some of the blokes in the hierarchy of the (Labor) party have a great deal of difficulty in pre-selecting women in winnable seats," Ms Scott said in her interview. "They find that really difficult.

"And they don't mind women in marginal seats because the women may not win or if they do win, they'll only be in for three years...But when it comes to winnable seats, well, they want those for their mates and I think they've had a problem with Oxley right from the word go," Ms Scott said on radio. "I think it' s a deliberate campaign to derail me...there's been an ongoing the hierarchy of the (Labor) party."

"The Labor Party thinks this woman should simply stay at home and be a nice, quiet wife without an identity of her own, without career aspirations of her own, and without the drive to earn a living on her own." Mrs Moylan said.

"That's an outrageous suggestion in the 90s, and even more so considering it's the party which would have the Australian public believe the Government is trying to put women back into the kitchen. We know whose agenda that belongs to -- the Labor Party," she said.

"When push comes to shove, Labor pushes men forward, and shoves women aside," the Minister added.

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