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Kerr calls on Telstra to reconsider.

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Duncan Kerr SC MP

18 October 2005

Kerr calls on Telstra to reconsider

"I call on Telstra management to reconsider their decision to force staff in Tasmania to work on the Hobart Show holiday this Thursday, Dension federal member Duncan Kerr said today.

"This decision demonstrates the disrespect Telstra management nationally has towards its employees and I strongly urge them to think again.  It is symbolic of an indifference to workers' rights that goes right to the top- and will be everyone's problem if the Howard government gets its way with its ugly industrial relations agenda.

"This decision is one which shows their complete lack of understanding and concern for families who every year look forward to this particular historic Public Holiday in Tasmania's south.

"Telstra is unfortunately becoming an intolerant and family unfriendly employer-sadly a sign of things to come.

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