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People smugglers ignore Labor

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Michael Keenan MP - Federal Member for Stirling PEOPLE SMUGGLERS IGNORE LABOR November 10, 2012

The arrival of the 18th boat of November shows people smugglers are ignoring Labor's half measures on our borders and lack of resolve, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Scott Morrison, and Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection, Michael Keenan said today.

“With boats arriving in record numbers including a staggering total of more than 900 people in just the first ten days of November it is clear people smugglers know Labor will not stop them,” Mr Morrison said.

“The odds are not only firmly stacked in the people smugglers' favour, the game has been rigged and they are collecting millions of dollars more with every boat they are now sending at the rate of two a day.

“Only an election will give the Australian people the chance to stop the cost, chaos and tragedy on our borders by voting for the Coalition to restore the full suite of Howard measures to stop the boats,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Keenan said: “Over 900 people have arrived by boat in the first 10 days of November - already double the amount of people budgeted for the entire month.

“The Labor Party’s first and biggest blunder on border protection was abolishing the proven policies of the Howard Government - a decision that reinvigorated people smuggling and led to this flood of illegal boat arrivals.

“If those policies weren’t changed then we wouldn’t have had huge expenses for the Australian tax payer, tragedies at sea and people smuggling syndicates flourishing in the region.

“That is why, whilst Labor remain in office, people smugglers will remain in charge over who comes to Australia,” Mr Keenan said.

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