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Katter leads in Kennedy

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16 Sep 2013

Media Statement

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has today been advised by the Australian Electoral Commission that he is leading in the count for the seat by more votes than remain to be counted.

"When this election was announced we were on 48 per cent of the primary vote in Kennedy. And the LNP, in defending their decision to spend millions targeting the KAP, said we were on a 6 per cent average - which translates into four or five seats in Qld and one or two senators in this state and elsewhere.

"Our polling in Townsville showed our candidate for Herbert was 2 per cent ahead of the ALP on 28 per cent. So it was a consistent 20 per cent they took off us in their extremely successful use of money and lies."

Mr Katter has personally thanked "the true believers - people who stood in the hot sun all day long because they believe in something, not as a manifestation of their hatred of chimeras".

"And for those true believers, we are the only party to come out of the election with a policy that our nation's great capital resources are to be used to build assets for the people, providing jobs for Australians, and ownership of these assets."

Mr Katter said he feared that the Liberals would be even worse than Labor in flying in foreign workers.

"Whilst the Labor party deserved to be condemned for flying in 125,000 workers in one year alone to take our jobs, what wasn't told was that the Liberals attacked them for not bringing in enough. This is most relevant to the mining industry, where we can already see our existing mining jobs being taken from us and given to foreign fly-in workers."

Mr Katter said that the KAP post-election was "surprisingly very aggressive" and had fielded requests for meetings with him across Australia.

"A number of small parties have contacted us and we will be in contact with them about increasingly working together."