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Transcript of interview with Luke Grant : 2GB: 14 October 2012

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Michael Keenan MP - Federal Member for Stirling 2GB interview with Luke Grant October 14, 2012

Luke Grant Our next guest the Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border protection, Michael Keenan, he joins us on the line. Michael, good afternoon to you.

Michael Keenan Hello Luke, nice to be talking to you.

Luke Grant Good to talk to you again. Boy oh boy! Who would have thought by just mentioning the word Nauru that the Government would have a solution, but they’re a long way off the mark, what’s gone wrong here?

Michael Keenan Well they’ve only implemented one of the three things they should be doing. Offshore processing on Nauru or Manus Island was never going to be the whole answer. We also need to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas because that completely undermines the people smugglers product, as what they are selling is permanent residence to Australia. And we also need to turn the boats back around when it is safe to do so. Those are the three planks of the suite of policies that the Howard Government used to stop people smuggling. The reason we have this surge of boats and this unprecedented rate of arrivals under the Labor party was because when they came to office they abolished all of those three. But reinstating just one of those three is proving to be not enough to stop people smuggling.

Luke Grant Apart from drawing people to Australia almost like a magnet, the other outcome is they are able to resettle, or, and this is the worse part of the whole thing, the reason why we’ve got to stop them, is you get hundreds of people drowning at sea, so we know that’s going to continue to happen. But the bottom line of the budget, which is not as important as a death at sea, but nonetheless worthwhile for a conversation, that it is going to make it harder to balance the budget. Wayne Swan and co are going to tax the you-know-what out of us in order to balance the books.

Michael Keenan That’s right, every boat that arrives costs us nearly $13 million, now we’ve had six boats arrive in the past 48 hours, so that’s over $75 million there alone in the past two days. So that means we’ve had a total budget blowout of $1.4 billion in the immigration area and border protection alone. Clearly that takes care of the Government’s surplus right there.

Luke Grant Right there!

Michael Keenan Clearly on top of that they have made all these expenditure announcements, so the surplus is non-existent. They are cutting money from all these front-line services, trying to find money to save. One of the best things they could do for the budget would be to start to control who comes to Australia, yet they still refuse to do what they need to do to achieve that.

Luke Grant Yes. Time has run out unfortunately, always good to talk to you Michael.

Michael Keenan Nice to talk to you Luke.

Luke Grant That was Michael Keenan, the Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection.

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