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APPEA'S desperation shows community winning

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APPEA’s desperation shows community winning

Wealthy oil and gas companies are trying to buy a social licence by throwing millions of dollars at a pre-election PR blitz, said the Australian Greens today.

“APPEA and the rich coal seam gas companies they represent are reaching new heights of desperation. They have no social licence with the community and are now throwing millions at trying to buy one and fool people that their industry is safe," said Australian Greens mining spokesperson, Queensland Senator Larissa Waters.

“APPEA's campaign won't fool anyone. Their well-funded spin is no match for the growing community campaign built on the genuine concern of people in rural and regional Australia about the future of their land. "The risk to groundwater is real, that’s why so many farmers who rely on aquifers to produce food and fibre are campaigning for the right to say no to CSG companies forcing their way on to their land.

“Industry knows there is still no independent science that supports their claims that coal seam gas is less climate intensive, and those claims ignore the fugitive emissions from leaking wells and pipes plus the energy-intensive transport and liquification process. The end of the fossil-fuel era is not the time to start a new fossil-fuel industry.

“Short-term jobs in the fossil-fuel industry are putting at risk sustainable long-term jobs in agriculture by spoiling some of our best farm land.

“Coal seam gas is a risky and dangerous industry. Unlike the old parties, the Greens will not be intimidated by big business lobby groups like APPEA. Only the Greens can be trusted to stand up for communities against big mining companies risking land, water and the climate."

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