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Draft legislation confirms $58 billion Carbon Tax

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Member for Flinders Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Thursday 25 July 2013 DRAFT LEGISLATION CONFIRMS $58 BN RUDD CARBON TAX The Rudd Carbon Tax draft legislation released today confirms two things. First, Mr Rudd is keeping the Carbon Tax and just changing its name. It is in every material respect the same as the Gillard system with but one change, a 12 month discount following the election before the tax soars again. The $64 bn Gillard Carbon Tax has become a $58 bn Rudd Carbon Tax. That's it. Everything else is the same. Second, Mr Rudd has been misleading and deceptive in his statements about a reduction in the cost of living "every year". The Treasurer, Minister Ellis and now Minister Butler have all confirmed that the discount is for one year only. The Prime Minister should apologise and correct the record. Far from being terminated, Mr Rudd's Carbon Tax is alive and well. Only the name has been changed to protect the guilty. It also shows how disingenuous Mr Rudd is by presenting legislation but not committing to the recalling of parliament. Either parliament is going to return and we can vote on this legislation or we are having an election. Mr Rudd should stop playing games with Australian families and businesses. People want certainty and an end to this chaos. Here are the facts: 1. The policy change does not come in for another twelve months and is just a one year adjustment - it has simply changed a $64 billion tax into a $58 billion tax. 2. Kevin Rudd’s plan will cost average families more than $3000 over the next six years. 3. On the Government’s own figures, the Carbon Tax will increase six-fold between mid-2014 and mid-2019. 4. On the Government's own figures, the Carbon Tax will reach $38 a tonne by 2019 and increase to $350 a tonne over time. 5. Under the Coalition’s plans, average families will be better off by more than $550 a year in 2014-15, rising to around $900 a year in 2019-20. Only the Coalition will scrap the Carbon Tax lock, stock and barrel. MEDIA CONTACT: Wendy Black 0418 532 534