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Youth Poll '98

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Senator Natasha Stott Despoja

Australian Democrats Youth Affairs Spokesperson

Youth Poll '98

The Australian Democrats launched their 7th annual Youth Poll, a national survey ofyoung Australians, in Rundle St, Adelaide, today.Youth Poll '98 surveys young people's views on a range of issues, including republicanism, racism,immigration levels, employment opportunities and who should be Australia'S first President if wemove to an Australian Head of State.Youth Poll is the only national youth survey conducted by an Australian political party."Only the Australian Democrats actively consult young Australians about the issues affectingthem," said Senator Stott Despoja, the Australian Democrats' Acting Leader.Senator Stott Despoja continued,"Young people's views are often ignored, trivialised or patronised and they rarely find their way intoGovernment policy. We give young people a chance to have their say and to play a part in policyformulation by presenting a 'snap shot' of the views of young people today."Each year, we receive thousands of Youth Polls. The overwhelming response from young people isthat they feel excluded from decision making and that they don't trust politicians (2% of youngpeople trust their elected representatives according to Youth Poll).Highlights of last year's Youth Poll include:• a majority of young people oppose fees for higher education;• more than 90% of young people want condom vending machines in schools;• many young people believe Australians are racist; and• more than 60% of young people know someone who has tried to or has committed suicide.Survey forms are available on the Internet via the Democrats' website: through participating TAFE colleges, universities, schools and youth, community and somewelfare organisations.The results of Youth Poll '98 will be available in late 1998.For comment contact Senator Stott Despoja, Acting Leader of the AustralianDemocrats and Youth Affairs Spokesperson, on 014 952 162 or 08 8267 3425.A copy of Youth Poll '98 (2 pages) follows.LI ST R.8EINIIIICHATS 2987