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Put One Nation last

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Senator Natasha Stott Despoja

Australian Democrats Youth Affairs Spokesperson

Put One Nation Last

Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, Acting Leader of the Australian Democrats, has denounced OneNation's reactionary policies and renewed the Democrat call for all political parties to preferenceOne Nation candidates last at the next election.Senator Stott Despoja said,"The Democrats have pledged to preference One Nation last and we hope other parties will do thesame. We challenge all other parties to reveal their positions."One Nation policies simply seek to blame migrants, young people and now, the law and ordersector, for all our social and economic ills."The Democrats abhor a law of the jungle approach to law and justice in Australia and find MsHanson's use of crime statistics, to whip up fear, highly irresponsible."Ms Hanson and her allies have dodged the hard questions, revealed a grab bag of reactionaryrhetoric, and have left it to 'future policy' announcements to alleviate the panic they cause by citingalleged rising crime rates. Ms Hanson has a history of using inaccurate facts and this is anotherexample of her attempt to find simplistic solutions to complex problems."I do not know why One Nation has bothered to establish a youth wing, Youth Nation, when theirpolicies are one of the most blatant attacks on young people seen for some time, including claimsthat many young people have " understanding of the concept of responsibility.""Blaming young people is a cop-out. Young people, like anybody else, show respect for those whorespect them. When they receive so little respect from people in powerful institutions, such as theHansons of this world, it is little wonder they rate politicians so lowly in term of trustworthiness."One Nation policies offer nothing for young people. The proposal to give police the power toimpose a midnight curfew on under 16 year olds is an astounding reactionary move."The education sector needs more than a return to a 1950s philosophy as advocated by One Nation.It needs a funding commitment, a concept which Ms Hanson has avoided."Ms Hanson will not pull the wool over the eyes of Australians. People are looking for viable andresponsible long term solutions to the issue that face us, not short term reactionary rhetoric."It is vital for Australia as a nation that back room deals are not struck with this destructive politicalelement," concluded Senator Stott Despoja.For comment contact Senator Stott Despoja, Acting Leader of the Australian Democrats on014 952 162 or 08 8267 3425.COMMONWEALTHfARLIAMENTARY LIBRARYUEMACRAT .."..L.ISTR.ALIA.N4 3