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Gillard and Abbott should follow Brumby to feed-in tariff for baseload solar.

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Christine Milne  Australian Greens 

Gillard and Abbott should follow Brumby to feed-in tariff for baseload solar

Media Release | Spokesperson Christine Milne

Wednesday 21st July 2010, 3:25pm

• Renewable Energy

The Greens today welcomed Victorian Premier John Brumby's announcement of a

gross feed-in tariff for large-scale solar plants and urged both Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott to embrace this world-leading policy at a national level.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, has introduced a bill for a

comprehensive feed-in tariff to pay a guaranteed fair price for all energy produced by

all forms of renewable energy at all scales.* The bill was supported in principle by a

Senate Committee but sent to COAG for consideration and never acted upon.

"A properly designed feed-in tariff is recognised as the reason Germany, Spain and

some US states have seen tremendous booms in renewable energy, creating jobs

and investment, cleaning the air and reducing emissions," Senator Milne said.

"Premier Brumby is to be congratulated on his decision today. He is leaving Julia

Gillard in his wake, although he still has a fair way to go to catch up with the Greens.

"We need to set our sights as high as possible and establish a national feed-in tariff

to support all forms of renewable energy."

Prime Minister Gillard is expected to announce individual grants programs for

renewable energy during the campaign, including possibly the Solar Flagships

projects. These grants are no substitute for a feed-in tariff.

"One off, ad hoc grants do nothing to develop the industry. They will see Australia

importing technologies we have driven offshore through lack of ongoing support.

"If we want to create jobs and long-term investment, as well as drive the

transformation to 100% renewable energy, we need a well-designed national feed-in


"While I welcome Premier Brumby's announcement, the expansion of state-based

schemes can lead to perverse outcomes for investors, particularly in the context of

the national renewable energy target.

"The main obstacles to a national gross feed-in tariff are Penny Wong and Julia


"The Greens will continue to work hard in the Senate for a well-designed feed-in tariff

to see renewable energy reach as high as it can and to stop the state by state


*NB: The Greens do not consider native forest furnaces to be a form of renewable