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Greens welcome Malcolm Turnbull against being NBN wrecker

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Greens welcome Turnbull but warn against being NBN wrecker Published on Scott Ludlam (

Greens welcome Turnbull but warn against being NBN wrecker

The Australian Greens have welcomed the appointment of Malcolm Turnbull to the Communications shadow ministry portfolio and warned the Abbott Opposition against playing political wrecking tactics with the crucial issue of building a National Broadband Network.

"Malcolm Turnbull obviously brings a wealth of knowledge to this field and I welcome the increased focus it will bring to the portfolio. But I am concerned that he has simply been placed there to ‘demolish' the broadband rollout, which has widespread public and industry support," Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

"The Greens are on the record as conditionally supporting the National Broadband Network. We understand the importance of transparency and testing the government's economic assumptions.

"Coalition slogans of it being a ‘giant white elephant' and a ‘colossal destruction of taxpayers' money' are unhelpful and purely political.

"Holding the government ferociously to account is one thing, using a crucial infrastructure project like this as a platform to bring down a minority government is another.

"The Greens see the NBN as a fundamental nation building project that will create untold opportunities for our future, and I look forward to working constructively with all parties and independents in this portfolio," Senator Ludlam said.

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