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Andren questions PM over politicians' super

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25 November 1998

Andren questions PM over politicians’ super

Member for Calare Peter Andren has resumed his campaign for political and parliamentary reforms, calling on the Prime Minister to make changes to the parliamentary superannuation scheme.

Taking advantage of his first Question Time opportunity since being re-elected, Mr Andren asked the Prime Minister whether he supported a review of the scheme.

He said the review should look at changes to stop MPs accessing superannuation before the age of 55 and also consider whether those charged with a criminal offence should still be entitled to payment.

Mr Howard admitted the parliamentary super scheme was generous and said he wouldn't "rule out the possibility" of a review.

"The question of whether somebody who has been convicted of a criminal offence should lose their entitlement to superannuation is something that ought to be examined if there is any review," Mr Howard said.

Mr Andren said he would continue to push for changes to the overly generous parliamentary super scheme.

"The Prime Minister admits there is community anger over the unfairness of this scheme and its up to him to instigate a review. It's not going to happen automatically," he said.

Mr Andren welcomed an announcement from the Democrats that they would introduce legislation in the Senate to force a review if the Prime Minister failed to act.

Mr Andren said he was also holding talks with the Democrats and other MPs, seeking support for his call for fixed four year terms for Federal Parliament.

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