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Government releases Action Agendas Guide

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JOINT MEDIA RELEASE The Hon. John Moore, MP The Hon. John Anderson, MR Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism Minister for Primary Industries and Energy

Friday 28 August 1998 305/98

Government Releases Action Agendas Guide

The Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism, John Moore, and the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, John Anderson, today released the Government’s Guide To Developing And Implementing Action Agendas.

“ In the competitive global environment, the Government recognises the need to work in partnership with industry,” M r Moore said.

“ Action Agendas allow us to pool the knowledge and resources o f Government and industry so that Australian industries can be more competitive and viable in the face o f increasing international competition. The Federal Government is encouraging closer communication and collaboration

between Government and industry.

“ The guide released today provides the information that industries need to take advantage o f Action Agendas,” said M r Moore.

Action Agendas were one o f the major initiatives o f the Prime M inister’s industry policy statement, Investing for Growth, announced last December.

Agendas are underway in a number o f manufacturing, services and resource based industries including tourism, financial services, automotive, chemicals, construction, renewable energy, agrifood, liquefied natural gas, downstream petroleum products and the information industries.

“ The primary focus o f Action Agendas is to address the impediments to growth in specific industry sectors,” M r Moore said. “ They offer an opportunity to create long-term, sustainable competitive advantages for Australian industries, by identifying what action can be taken to boost innovation,” M r Moore said.

“ Our approach to Action Agendas is not intended to be prescriptive. It is important that each be developed in a flexible way, appropriate to the needs and characteristics o f a particular industry sector.

“ The Supermarket to Asia Council initiative in the agri-food sector highlights the benefits that can be achieved using Action Agendas .../2

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“ The Council has set itself a goal of increasing Australia’ s agri-food exports to Asia from $10 billion to $16 billion by the year 2001 Already a number o f practical measures have been put in place to support the industry’s goal of significantly lifting its export performance.”

M r Anderson said a high level commitment from both industry and Government has been a preĀ­ requisite for the success o f this approach in addressing the issues impacting on the growth prospects o f a particular industry sector.

“ The Action Agenda process is industry driven,” M r Anderson said. “ The Government’s role is that o f a facilitator, providing the logistical framework for the process and actions, and some direct involvement where necessary.

“ It is the Government's intention that Action Agendas take a whole-of-Government approach. Issues impacting on an industry’s ability to be globally competitive are the sometimes the responsibility o f portfolios other than those directly involved in industry policy.

“ In this way, Action Agendas w ill provide a framework for the more effective coordination and integration o f Government policies as they impact on the business sector.

“ The Federal Government is also aware o f the important influence that state government policies have on the development o f many industries. We are keen to coordinate Federal and State Government actions at the sector level.

“ Regular reporting and public assessment o f Action Agendas w ill be an important part o f the process o f achieving change.”

Copies o f the Guide for Developing and Implementing Action Agendas are available from the Department o f Industry, Science and Tourism and AGPS bookshops.