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Kroger's ABC appointment inappropriate

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MEDIA RELEASE Senator Chris Schacht Shadow Minister for Communications


The Shadow M inister for Communications, S enator Chris Schacht, h a s attacked the appointm ent of Mr Michael Kroger to the ABC B oard

labelling it as totally inappropriate.

"I have never seen any indication th a t Mr Kroger has an in terest in public broadcasting, and his contributions to public life over recent years indicate th a t he has a narrow view of the world, dictated by an ideologically driven right-w ing perspective," said Senator Schacht.

"This appointm ent again proves th a t the G overnm ent - led by the P rim e M inister - is continuing its vendetta against the ABC.

"It’s clear th a t th e th re a t to the ABC is not ju s t in the savage funding cu ts th a t Jo h n H ow ard and P eter Costello have inflicted, b u t in th e

G overnm ent's clear intention to stack the ABC B oard w ith very right-w ing appointees who will use th eir position to interfere w ith the ABC's

program m ing.

"It should be noted th a t if the Howard Governm ent is re-elected, it w ill be responsible for filling three more ABC Board vacancies in 1999, and th is raises the likelihood of the Board becoming nothing more th a n a branch of th e right-w ing of th e L iberal Party.

"Mr Kroger m ade a nam e for him self as a ru th le ss operative w ithin the L iberal P arty, having orchestrated Mr Costello's preselection for the 1990 F ederal Election, as well as the defeat of M r Ian McPhee in gaining

preselection for an o th er right-w ing ideologue, Dr David Kemp.

"All supporters of the ABC should be aghast a t th is appointm ent and I expect th a t they will be strongly opposed to it. This is also an

' appointm ent th a t th e people of Queensland should oppose as it will now leave them unrepresented on the Board.

"This is ju s t another indication th a t the ABC is not safe in the hands of th e H ow ard Government." f e b r o c x n y

5 November 1998 Contact: M ark Hough 0419 865 278

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