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BLF return to be contested by Master Builders

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14 January 1998

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BLF Return to be Contested by Master Builders T u rn e r, C a n b e r r a A statement by Alan Grinsell-Jones, National Director, Industrial Relations ACT 2612

Australia’s peak building and construction industry body, Master Builders Australia, has expressed concern at apparent attempts to register a new building union based on the deregistered Builders Labourers Federation.

The MBA is one o f a number o f employer and union organisations objecting to moves by a number of Melbourne-based trade unionists to use the new Workplace Relations Act to register a new organisation to be known as the Australian Building Construction Demolition Employees and Builders Labourers Federation.

The MBA’s National Director, Industrial Relations, Alan Grinsell-Jones said that while the MBA was not opposed to the concept of another union in the building and construction industry it held reservations about the intentions o f those pursuing the move.

“We are all for competition to represent the interests o f building and construction workers provided that unions conduct their business in an appropriate way. We are concerned that the title o f this union indicates that those pursuing registration are seeking to adopt the persona o f the old BLF,” he said.

“It is clear that by seeking registration o f an organisation with this name, the new organisation is attempting to identify with the previous BLF. Our concern is that the tactics of intimidation and industrial lawlessness which characterised that union and led to its deregistration might also reappear,” Mr Grinsell-Jones said.

The BLF was deregistered in 1986 and while the Builders Labourers’ Federation (Cancellation o f Registration - Consequential Provisions) Act 1986 remains on the statute books it is uncertain as to whether that Act applies to this organisation.

The MBA has formally objected to the registration application and the matter will come before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission early next month.

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