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Parties must resolve petrol price issues

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Parties must resolve ,

petrol price issues

The RACQ lias called on both raajur political panics to guarantee road users will not

suffer through higher pump prices after the federal election.

'The Government and the Opposition need to clarity urgently their policies and to

clearly demonstrate that petrol prices will not increase.' said RACQ general manager

for external relations. Gary Fites.

He said die current taxation for unleaded petrol was 35 g°n« per Hire in Queensland

and increased twice yearly in line with the Consumer Price Index.

"The Coalition has indicated that it will lower the petrol tax by seven cents per litre to

■IX cents per litre, but add an additional 10 pcicem GST at the bowser," Mr Fites said.

"It has not clarified whether the seven cents a litre will be indexed in line with


"Meanwhile, the Opposition says It will retain the cuiicut system of automatic

indexation. The RACQ believes this system is unfair and that it must be frozen.

"The already large differential between the city and the country will continue to

increase with indexation and the GST, and lead ro country motorists paying more tax

than city motorists," Mr Files said.


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The following examples of average unleaded petrol prices for Auxust illustrate the


Brisbane 58.2cpl Townsville 67.2cpl Mt Isa Z

Difference * 9.Qcpl 15Jcpl

Less 7.0cpl 51.2cpl 60.2cpl 66.7qi

Plus 10% GST 5-lcpl 6.0upl 6.7cpl

New price 56.3cpl 66.2cpl Y.idcpi

New diffference * 9.9epl 17.1ψΙ

* Difference between Brisbane price and that fur respective regional centres.

Mr Fites said fhel excise had risen insidiously to 35 cents per litre from nine cents In


Government claims that reductions in diesel costs would reduce petrol costs in the

country were disputed hy the RACQ.

“The Government's own documents show that road transport costs are expected to

reduce by only 6.7 percent," he said.

"Given that the transport cost of fuel in rural areas is xcuerally less than two cents per

litre, a reduction of 6.7 percent Is almost immeasurable."


Issued: September 16, 1998

For more information contact Gary Fites on 3361 2308 (office) or 0418 743 094