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[Appointment of Air Commodore G.G. Michael to the Council of the Australian War Memorial]

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Patron: His Excellency

The Hon Sir William Dear AC Xiii

National Chairman: Rear Admiral C R Griffith- AO DSO DSC

National Secretary: P C Alexander O I G OBf OAAl

Postal Address: Box Q 3I4 QV8 PO SYDNEY NSW 1230

Office: "Piccadilly Court"

222 Pitt Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9264-0007

Facsimile: (02) 9261-8848

-PTRTD.’ mSA T ? - R T , R A . S K

The National Chairman of the Australian Veterans and Defence

Services Council, Rear Admiral G R Griffiths AO DSO DSC, today

welcomed warmly the appointment of Air Commodore G G Michael AO OBE A F C , as a member of the Council of the Australian War M e m o r i a l .

Admiral Griffiths said that Air Commodore Michael, the National

President of the Royal Australian Air Force A s s o c i a t i o n , had a long and distinguished Air Force career, including service with Bomber Command over German Europe and after continuing his Air Force

c a r e e r , had become the National President of a major ex-service

organi s a t i o n .

Rear Admiral Griffiths was confident that Air Commodore Michael

would b r i n g , with an Air Force back g r o u n d , new i d e a s , new energies and new enthusiasm to the War M e m o r i a l .

Issued by Rear Admiral G R Griffiths AO DSO DSC Telephone: (02) 9264-6007