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Come clean Mr Howard

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PRESS RELEASEψ CEPU Attention: Chiefs of staff. News Editors 22 June, 1998

Come Clean Mr Howard. Cirra (tX) ( X )

The State Secretary of Communications Electrical Plumbers Union. Mr Bob Pateman today asked the Prime Minister to explain what he really meant.

Mr Howard seid there would be no closures of Postoffices and mail centres in rural Australia, Sob Pateman called upon Mr Howard to tell the community now, net after the next election, how he will be able to keep postoffices open.

The competition policy of the Coalition will mean Australia Post mav lose 93% of its current business. How will you, Mr Howard, guarantee postoffices will be able to stay open If they are unprofitable. Over 70 corporate postoffices in Queensland are currently loss-making offices. Will you guarantee none will have service to their communities diminished?

If $3 billion of Australia Post revenue is lost to multinational private operators, how will you guarantee any Job security to the 19000 Australia Pest employees who will lose their Jobs as a consequence of the Communication Minister Mr Alston Intention to continue "to investigate ways of implementing the National Competition Councils report"?

Mr Pateman said that the only way Mr Howard will be able to Implement the intent of hie statements would be to establish new regulatory bodies to police competition policy. New taxes will have to be raised to pay for what Australians currently receive ae part of Australia Post's service to the community. Or perhaps Mr Howard intends to print money to pay for these meaningless promises. Mr Pateman said the only genuine way to placate the "sense of vulnerability " of the community is to completely reject the National Coirlpetltion'CouhclI's report as unnecessary.