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Professor Flint called to stand down yet again

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Professor Flint called to stand down vet again!

Reports in this morning's The Australian newspaper that Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy Convenor, Professor David Flint, intends to resume participation in the ABA's “cash for comment” inquiry shows breathtaking arrogance on his part and demonstrates his complete contempt for the need for public confidence in the ABA inquiry.

During the last week of the republic referendum campaign, the ARM quite properly called for Professor Flint to stand down from the inquiry (November 2 - copy attached) because of his grossly improper behaviour in appearing on Mr Laws' program on Radio 2UE to discuss republic matters.

Professor Flint finally succumbed to the public outrage over his behaviour and stepped down from the inquiry. Yet Professor Flint has now backtracked from that decision and decided to re-enter the inquiry in relation to 6PR’s Mr Howard Sattler and SAD’s Mr Jeremy Cordeaux.

During the last week of the referendum campaign, Professor Flint appeared on Mr Battler’s program to discuss issues concerning the republic. This behaviour was as improper as his appearance on Mr Laws' program. If Professor Flint has any respect for the need for public confidence in the ABA inquiry process, then he should apply the sam e rule that he applied when he removed himself from the inquiry because of his appearance on Mr Law’s program.

In relation to Mr Cordeaux, he played a very active role alongside Professor Flint in campaigning to ensure that the British monarchy remained in Australia. How can the public be confident that Professor Flint does not have a conflict of interest because of his close relationship with Mr Cordeaux?

Professor Flint's behaviour, in relation to M essrs Sattler and Cordeaux, is akin to a judge in a trail meeting publicly outside the courtroom with the accused or sitting on a case in which the defendant is a friend or acquaintance of the judge.

This is yet another example of Professor Flint compromising his position a s ABA chief. That he should re-enter the inquiry at this point shows breathtaking arrogance and a complete contempt for public confidence in this very important ABA inquiry. He should ensure that he remains completely removed from this very important inquiry.

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