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Surge in thirst for information on republic augurs well for Saturday vote

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Surge in thirst for information on republic augurs well for Saturday vote • 250,000 Yes website Internet hits each week • 6,000 info calls each week

• 12 million how to vote cards in letterboxes

A surge in public requests for information on the republic indicates growing interest in a Yes vote on Saturday, and augurs well for a slim Yes victory in the republic referendum, the deputy chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, Wendy Machin, said today.

Ms Machin said the Deliberative Poll in Canberra last week proved that once Australians have information about the republic changes proposed to improve on our current monarchial system, support for the republic soars.

“The Yes Internet website is now getting 250,000 hits every week and is the number two political website in the nation,” said Ms Machin.

“This - on top of a surge of calls to our 1 800 call centre, which is now receiving about 6,000 calls each week - shows that Australians really do want information about the republic referendum.

“And we know that once Australians do have information, they can see through the monarchist lies and overwhelmingly want to vote Yes.”

Ms Machin said women especially wanted more information, and in research groups, were indicating strongly that they were angry that the so-called three week Government information campaign on the republic did not throw much light on the key issue to be decided on Saturday.

“The polls show that women make up the largest group o f undecided votes, and our door knocking while delivering 12 million how to vote cards for this Saturday indicates that women do want more information. The majority of the 6,000 weekly callers to our information line are also women.

“We are delighted that people are wanting real information on this issue, because once they have it, we know that most people can bust through the porkies and the scares put out by the monarchists, and want very much to vote Yes.”

Ms Machin said the Yes campaign will launch new information advertisements for television, print and radio during the last few days o f the campaign to provide more information on what we will be voting on in four days.

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