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Monarchist cost lies in advertising referred to facts

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Monarchist cost lies in advertising referred to facts

A No case referendum advertisement claiming that the change to a republic will cost “millions and millions of dollars more’'' is incorrect and contradicts assessments from the Minister for Finance, the Prime Minister and the Treasurer which should not be allowed to be broadcast, the Australian

Republican Movement has stated in a letter to the Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations dispatched today.

The No case television advertisement is factually incorrect and rides off whacky statements by the No case and Industry' Minister that the cost of a republic will be $800 million dollars.

The Australian Republican Movement in its letter to facts asked how the Federation has been able to satisfy itself that NO case claims about costs are correct. The letter asks: “Can facts please advise urgently what information was provided to facts in order for this advertisement to be approved by you? If no information was provided this advertisement is clearly misleading in a substantial way and we ask that you compel the No committee to remove this statement from its advertising”

As well as the Prime Minister, the Treasurer Peter Costello, the Minister for Finance John Fahey and Financial Services Minister Joe Hockey has indicated that moving to a Republic will not cost more.

In fact, Australians are likely to save up to $10 million dollars on each Royal visit if the Nation votes Yes next Saturday.

Monarchists’ lies about costs are part of a wider scare campaign to force people to vote No out of fear, and to avoid mentioning the Queen or defending the relevance of the Monarchy to Australia in 1999.

November 1, 1999 Enquiries: Wayne Bums, National Communications Director, tel 02 9267 9022 or 0416 048 567

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