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This republican model is risky, say constitutional experts

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31 October 1999


In an open letter to the People of Australia, a group of constitutional experts have concluded that the proposed republican model is "neither simple nor safe".

The group including former Chief Justice, The Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs; NSW Supreme Court Judge, The Hon Justice Ken Handley; former Attorney General, The Hon Bob Ellicott; and former Cabinet Minister, The Hon Reg Withers released the letter today. "

The letter focuses on the flaws of the proposed mode! detailing the heightened power of the Prime Minister, the reasons why the President could not act as the constitutional umpire, and Senate exclusion from the dismissal process.

It also sets out why Australians should vote NO for "reasons given by leading supporters of this model" including Malcolm Turnbull, Sir Zelman Cowan, Sir Anthony Mason, Professor Winterton and Greg Craven.

"To say that the proposed republican constitution is a minimalist proposal that would change nothing and endanger nothing that is fundamental in the present constitution is quite wrong,” the letter states.

"We believe the implications of this proposal need to be known to all Australians before they enter the polling booth on November 6."

"This letter confirms that the republic on offer on November 6 is fundamentally flawed. It clearly illustrates the risks associated with this model," Kerry Jones, Executive Director of No Republic - ACM said today.

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