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Another dishonest monarchists scare - ex-servicemen and women can be president of Australia

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Another dishonest monarchists scare - ex-servicemen and women can be president of Australia

The Australian Republican Movement this morning welcomed advice from the highest law officer in the land, the Federal Attorney General, who today quashed yet another monarchist tactic to scare people into voting No, when he stated categorically that the republic would not disqualify ex­ servicemen and women and their offspring, in receipt of military and naval pensions from the office of President.

Monarchists claimed yesterday, via an opinion from a well-known monarchist and retired Queensland judge, that the republic would disqualify ex-servicemen and women and their offspring from being president.

Under the republic, all Australians o f voting age can nominate candidates for president, including ex­ servicemen and women.

The Attorney General said this morning:

“A person in receipt of an Australian military pension is not currently disqualified by subsection 44(iv): of the Constitution and would not be disqualified under the proposed amendments.

“Subsection 44(iv) i : tV- C 'tstitetica current!)· disqualifies person H w pensions ‘payable during the pleasure of the Crown.’ This does not cover modern pensions, such as Ausiralian military pensions which are payable under legislation.”

The Australian Republican Movement condemned monarchists for again dishonestly trying to goad people voting No by using fear and misinformation

They called on Australians to discount the monarchist con job and vote Yes on November 6 because the republic on offer is far, tar superior to the system of today, under which no Australian can ever be Head of State of their own country.

October 26, 1999

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