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Malcolm Fraser's latest Contribution to the debate was self-serving and dishonest: a response from Sir David Smith

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Malcolm FraserĀ»s Latest Contribution tn

a Response from Sir David Smith

It is sad and pathetic that Malcolm Fraser should have sullied his honourable record of disUnguishedservice as President of CARE Australia by his latest contribution to the monarchy/republic debate. His despicable attempt to capitalise on the plight of Australian aid workers Steve Pratt and

Peter Wallace is self-serving and dishonest

Fraser claimed that the Queen of Australia was unable to seek their release because as Queen of England she was at war with Yugoslavia. Fraser’s blinding flash of insight into Australia’s constitutional arrangements is 73 years behind the times.

At the 1926 Imperial Conference the Empire’s Prime Ministers recognised that the Sovereign could not and should not represent the interests of the then Dominions in their diplomatic and other relationships with other countries. They decided that this was properly the role of their respective Govemors-General. It is a role which our Governors-General have discharged

with dignity and distinction.

Many organisations and individuals contributed to the total effort directed at securing the release of Pratt and Wallace. Our Governor-General, Sir William Deane, was one of them. His Excellency’s contribution was acknowledged by Steve Pratt at his Press conference on 13 September 1999,

when he said: “I'm indebted to the Governor-General. The Governor-General has worked tirelessly for our case, and he continues to work tirelessly for Branko Jelen,” What a pity Malcolm Fraser coudn’t find it in himself to be as gracious, and as honest.


14 October 1999