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Republic referendums - no campaign

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Me d i a R e l e a s e


12 October 1999 I l f u b f c a M w ^

W endy McC arthy complaint on No C ampaign Advertising Statement in response from Kerry Jones. Chairman of the No Committee

The No Committee has received a copy of a complaint written by Wendy McCarthy on behalf of the Yes Coalition to the Federation o f Australian Commercial Television Stations (FACTS).

The essence of Ms M cC arthy’s com plaint

Ms McCarthy objects to the use of the expression “Let the people keep their say” in No Campaign advertisements, claiming it is misleading under the Trade Practices Act 1975,

She has requested FACTS to withdraw its authorisation from all No Campaign television advertisements using this song

The No Campaign Response

Ms McCarthy’s complaint is flawed (rather like the Republic model on offer) for the following reasons:

• Ms McCarthy cites the Trade Practices Act 1975 as the substance and basis for her complaint; this is really stretching a legal source that is meant to apply to commercial organisations for issues relating to trade and commerce activities.

• Ms McCarthy has laid a complaint based on published material only, not on actual broadcast material - only the latter falls under FACTS jurisdiction.

• The phrase to which Ms McCarthy objects actually doesn’t appear in any commercials currently planned for broadcast by the No Campaign.

• All No Campaign advertisements have been rigorously reviewed by the procedures set up by the Government and which form part of the funding conditions for the official Yes and No Campaigns.

The Yes campaigners seem to running scared by trying to block No Campaign ads - presumably this is a somewhat desperate reaction to the essence o f the soon-to-air No Campaign.

The No Campaign will commence its television run tomorrow evening on all commercial stations.

Let’s get on with our real job of debating the republic model on offer.

Further information: Simone Holzapfel 0409 826 210