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Republic attitudes known before referendum

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Republic attitudes known before Referendum

A meeting o f 300 people in Canberra later this month is expected to show how Australians will vote in the Republic Referendum on November 6.

The inen and women from all around Australia will be taking part in “Australia Deliberates1 ” - the first Deliberative Poll ever held in Australia.

Dr. Pam Ryan, o f Issues Deliberation Australia, a not for profit organisation, said the poll would determine how attitudes to a republic could change after people were given the chance to examine the facts and discuss them away negative campaigning.

“Our Deliberative Poll will give ordinaiy Australians a ‘fair go’ to express their views on the republic debate and to ask questions o f experts and advocates from both sides.

“In contrast to the 1997 Constitutional Convention, those attending ‘Australia Deliberates’ will be ordinary men and women from different socio-economic backgrounds rather than people appointed for their community standing. They will be Australia in microcosm.

“The results o f our research and polling after the two days will give us an excellent indication of how the 12 million Australian voters might have changed their attitudes when they go to the polls on November 6.”

The Deliberative Poll will be held in Old Parliament House from October 22-24 and the results o f polling will be announced the following day - two weeks before the Referendum is held.

This will be the first time that a Deliberative Poll will have been held prior to a national referendum where there is compulsory voting and on such an important constitutional question, It has attracted international interest.


Further details: Dr Pam Ryan 08 82956112 or 0414295611