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Australians will not get second chance at republic vote

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Australians will not get second chance at republic vote The Real Republic Group campaigning to make sure the Queen of England remains Australia’s Head o f State by iidvocating a No vote on November 6, are completely misguided if they think there will be cross-political support to spend another $120 million on a referendum if the republic vote fails in November.

The Real Republic Group, which is advocating people to vote No on November 6, has written to people seeking support stating:

“Contrary to public announcements to the contrary by some politicians, which are nothing but part of tire electioneering for the November referendum, there will be considerable support by all major political parties for such a second referendum (on direct election.)”

The chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, Malcolm Turnbull, said today that the Real Republic statements were misleading and that the Australian people would not again allow $120 million to be spent on a republican referendum if the November vote fails.

He said all sides of politics have indicated that if this referendum fails, the Australian people will not countenance a second and expensive chance to do it again.

The Liberal and National Parties arc against the notion of a second referendum on the issue of an Australian Head of State, and the Labor Party and most Democrats have also indicated that Australians will not get a second bite at the cherry if a No vote gets up in November, Mr Turnbull

said. '

The Treasurer Peter Costello, Finance Minister, John Fahey, Minister for Financial Regulation Minister, Jot: Hockey and Opposition Leader Kim Beazlcy have all indicated that if this referendum fails, the will be Australian people will not stomach a further expensive referendum on the threshold issue of a republic.

“Another vote will clearly never happen, and it is pie-in-the-sky to think that it will,” said Mr Turnbull.

‘Tliis is really the last shot in the locker for those who want an Australian Head of State. It is fanciful and very misleading by the Real Republic people to suggest there is broad political support for another referendum on whether Australian becomes a republic, because there is not,” Mr Turnbull said.

He said the time is now right for Australians to make a judgement on whether they want one of their own to replace the Queen as Head of State.

“A No vote cn November 6, for whatever reason, will be a big vote of no confidence in our belief as a people that one of our own is good enough to be Head of State. The choice is very clear. And whatever the Real Republic people may say, a No vote will make certain that Prince Charles as King Charles III will be our next Head of State.”

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