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Young Libs slam "Third-Rate Republic"

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Young Liberal Movement (ACT Division)

Young Libs Slam “Third-Rate Republic”

31 September 1999

The New South Wales Young Liberals have been accused by their counterparts across the country of taking a “trendy and immature” stance in the republic debate.

At die Federal level, the Young Liberal Movement has passed motions which clearly reject the proposed republic model as half-baked and dangerous.

Yesterday a joint statement against the republic was issued by the Acting Federal Young Liberal President, Brett Hogan, together with the Federal President of the Young Nationals, Scott Mitchell.

Mr Hogan said again today “Young people will not be conned by a model which does not give them a real say in the nomination or election of a president.”

ACT Young Liberal President, Melissa Roberts, said “Our current constitution took 10 years to design, but this republic model was cooked up in just 10 days o f political dealing.”

“Young people will not accept changes to almost half the sections of the constitution, when there are so many massive flaws in the drafting.”

“For example, under the new sections, a President could be kept in office indefinitely. A Prime Minister would only need to seek the ratification for an appointment from parliament just once, and could avoid seeking a renewed mandate for the President’s


As Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate, says “A Prime Minister could keep a compliant President in office indefinitely, and ensure that compliance by offers of continuation of the presidential term.”

Miss Roberts said that the New South Wales Young Liberals were totally out of step with the national Young Liberal Movement.

“Left wing political causes have little interest for our side of politics, less so when a proposal is so poorly thought out as this third-rate republic model.”

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