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Young Nats and Young Libs against this republic

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The idea that all young Australians, or all young political activists, are h-ΠΚ-ητ on a third-rate republic on Australia is a myth according to the Federal President of the Young Nationals, Scott Mitchell end the Federal Vice-President of the Young Liberals, Brett Hogan.

'Our present system is serving us well and does not deserve to be turned on its hc»«* by some half-baked compromise stitched together in the corridors of Canberra.'

I t will require more than a statement by a few selected individuals from various political parties to paper over the weaknesses in the proposed republic.'

Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Hogan said most Young Nationals and Young Liberals will campaign actively to maintain a tried and proven system rather than taking a leap into the dark with a republican model which could force the High Court to referee political disputes between

the Prime Minister and a President.

'Young people arc not enthusiastic about a republic in which it would be easier for the Prime Minister to sack a President than to sack his driver. Nor will they be conned by a model which does give them a real say in the nomination of a president.'

They said the advocates of this republican model need to prove that their model would be better than the current system and deliver real benefits to the community. So fer they have not even attempted to do so.

To quote former Commonwealth Solicitor-General and Attorney-General and legal adviser to Malcolm Fraser during the events of 1975, Bob EUicott Q.C.: 'there will be little in-depth analysis of (this) proposal itself because it does not bear analysis. It is a crude, unhealthy compromise reached at the end of a short-lived Convention which was racked by controversy, but driven by republicans who needed a majority solution, in order to have the Prime Minister fulfil his promise to have this referendum. It has no common thread of principle. It seeks a republic at all costs:'

For further information: Scott Mitchell 019 334349

30 September, 1999

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