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Leadership and fairness required in debate on republic

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Leadership and fairness required in debate on republico·*^*^

The Australian Republican Movement called on the Federal Government today to show leadership and keep electoral faith with the Australian people by ensuring the republic referendum question in November is accurate and fair, and that a planned public education campaign is comprehensive and


Speaking at * constitutional centenary Town Hall meeting on Corowa NSW hosted by The Australian, ARM chairman, Malcolm Turnbull, said it was essential that the Australian people know exactly what they will be voting for on November 6. t '

“A victory for the monarchy which has been won by keeping the electorate in the dark and rigging the referendunvqucstion will be a hollow victory indeed. It is a crime to deny a citizen his right to vote. Is it any less a crime to deny him or her sufficient information to make an informed vote?”

Mr Turnbull said another challenge for the Prime Minister is for the Prime Minister to frankly outline his view' about the issues in this debate, rather than playing a purely partisan role by advocating a No vote. ‘

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Mr Turnbull also called on the Prime Minister to reiterate his vei^strong opposition,,to a directly elected Head o f State, which he outlined at last year’s Constitutional‘Convention. Heyilso dismissed claims by Industrial relations Minister Peter Reith calling on a No vote because the model to be put was flawefL

“We agree with the Prime Minister when he said last year at the Constitutional Convention that an elected presidency is a sure way o f politicizing the office o f Head o f State and creating unparalleled tensions,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull said Australia has a great opportunity in November to make sure that an Australian and not King Charles ill is our next Head of State.

“This is a very important national decision and it is contingent on all our leaders in the community to make sure an informed and fair debate is held so that Australians can make an informed decision.

“We owe this to Australia.”

August 1 ,19S9

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