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Constitutional Convention delegates, and members

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Young Australians Against this Republic

MEDIA RELEASE M onday 19 July 1999

Young Australians Against this Republic (YAAR) is a national organisation made up of young Australians who DO NOT support the ARM's proposed republic model.

Constitutional Convention delegates, and members of the Government 'no' advertising committee, Julian Leeser and Heidi Zwar, formed YAAR to encourage young Australians (aged 18-30) to play an active role in the republic debate.

YAAR believe that the Turnbull/Keating republican model is an ill-conceived model that removes the strengths of our current constitutional system.

"The proposed model is centralist, unworkable, and an impediment to a secure and stable system of government," Heidi Zwar said.

"We are united in our belief that the proposed model is not as good as the one we have," Julian Leeser said.


Representatives from each state branch will gather at the Victorian Parliament House, in Melbourne this weekend (July 23, 24, 25), for the inaugural national meeting of YAAR.

A number of prominent speakers have been invited to address the conference, including Hon Dick McGarvie, Hon Tony Abbott MP, Professor David Flint, Mr Peter Bennett, and Mr Phil Cleary. YAAR national co­ convenor, Miss Heidi Zwar, will open the conference.

The YAAR conference is meeting in Melbourne because this coming weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the passing of Australia's Constitution in Victoria.

"It is appropriate that we acknowledge that anniversary with a clear message to all Australians that young people do not like this republic" Julian Leeser said.

The conference will provide an opportunity for participants to have direct input in developing strategies to present the "No" message to young people. .

"We intend to dispel the myth that young Australians want this republic. The latest Newspoll indicates that little over 30% of people aged 18-34 will vote for this republic. This is despite the fact that many would have us believe that this republic is most popular among the young!" Julian Leeser said.

ENDS For further information contact: Media Liaison: Conor O'Brien ph 0414 971 536 Conference Convenor: Ben Davies ph 03 9800 3986 National Convenors: Julian Leeser ph 0417 436 513; Heidi Zwar ph 0414 491157