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Australian Republican Movement welcomes announcement of yes Committee

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&Australian Republican Movement welcomesannouncement of Yes Committeewlel The Australian Republican Movement today welcomed an announcement by the Commonwealth Attorney General and Special Minister for State of the Yes Committee for referendum advertising.die Australian Republican Movement communications director, Wayne Burns, said most of the members on the Yes Committee haVe worked closely together in the past ami will enjoy a good working relationship- 4. "The members of the Committee were all on the republican side at last year's Constitutional Convention and have since shaled speaking platforms and have been activists for an Australian chosen by Ausltraliam as our Head of State," said Mr Bums."The Australian Republican Movement is especially delighted that four of its members - Malcolm Turnbull, Janet Holmes al Court, Steve Vizard and Neville Wran - have been appointed as members, and welcome all other appointm ents to the Yes Committee."It will be also be a dynamic and ix creative Committee, united in its desire for Australians to take the next step by voting Yefe in November."Mr Bums said that as well as the Governmenl's Yes Advertising Committee, ; ie ARM and other groups wanting Australia to jjass a vote of confidence in itseli in November are forming Yes Coalitions in each State and Territory to co-ordinate Yes campaigns."We arc pleased that the landscape is becoming dearer in terms of the mechanics for November, and we are a long way down the road in planning a campaign which will help deliver success." 1February 19,1999Enquiries: Wayne Bums, tel 0416 048 567.