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Republican ads mislead Australian's

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National Office: Level 11, 165 Macquarie Street. Sydney NSW 2000 · GPO Box 98

24 September 1999 MEDIA RELEASE


"The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) intends to show its misleading advertisements to Australian troops in Indonesia through tomorrow's AFL coverage. This is an absolute disgrace that troops serving because of a republican constitutional crisis will be distracted by misleading advice concerning the complex changes if Australia were to vote for the republic on offer on November 6."

"Mrs Kerry Jones, Chairman of the No Case Committee for the forthcoming referendum said earlier today, "We have officially complained to the Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations and the Advertising Standards Board about the ARM's new television ads, which are

untrue". Mrs Jones added; "the advertisements that we have seen are of great concern, they totally mislead the Australian people."

"Firstly the advertisement with the children in the schoolyard, is factually incorrect as it claims that any of the young children in the schoolyard could become the president. This is untrue, because with the republican model ~on offer, those children with dual citizenships will not be able to become president. Secondly, there is an advertisement with two young

fishermen. One of the young fishermen says, 'it's simple'. We question how it can be simple when there are 69 changes to the Constitution."

"The advertisement is also untrue because it claims that we are replacing the Queen with a president — the fact is that we are also replacing, in this model, the Governor-General and the excellent role he has played over the years."

Mrs Jones also said, "the polls we have conducted to date, clearly indicate that the people of Australia want more information about the proposed republic, and the ARM has now shown that they do not intend to give the Australian people what they want...the facts".

Statem ent by M rs K erry Jones

Executive D irector, ACM-No Republic Ph: BH (02) 9231-2200; AH (02) 9489 3309

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