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No republic-ACM urges RSL to join vote

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1 September 1999



Mrs Kerry Jones, Executive Director No Republic-ACM, Chairman Federal Government NO Case Committee, is in Hobart today to urge the National Congress o f the RSL to become actively involved in the NO case.

Mrs Jones said earlier today: “The referendum vote November 6 is the most important national vote ever held in the history o f Australia: a vote that will determine the constitutional arrangements o f Australia for generations to come.

“Servicemen and women have played an essential role in shaping the Australia we know and love. Without their commitment to our nation when stability has been threatened we would not be here today. We arc calling on supporters of the RSL to support the NO Republic case. The model on offer November 6 does not measure up to the safeguards of our current constitutional arrangements. The inevitable additional symbolic changes, such as changing our flag, have particular significance to the distinguished Australians who have served under it”.

Mrs Jones will also focus on the importance o f Tasmania to the referendum outcome with current ACM polling indicating 40% of Tasmanians are undecided. “Tasmania at this stage is the key state in deciding whether we say Yes to a half baked republic or resoundingly reject it”, M rs Jones added.

Members o f the media arc invited to attend Mrs Jones’ address which will be opened by the Governor o f Tasmania, Sir Guy Green.

Date: Wednesday 1 September 1999 Venue: The Navy Club Davey Street, Hobart

____________________________________ Time: 2pm_____ ■ ___________________________ ■

Mrs Jones will be available at 3pm for media interviews, alternatively the paper is available from Pm Jessep on 02 9231 2200 or Steven Mavrigiannakis (Tasmanian Director) 0414 332 482 Statem ent by M rs Kerry Jones, Executive D irector No Republic-Australians for Constitutional M onarchy

Mobile: 0417 213 228

National Convenor; Professor David Flint AM · Executive Director; Mrs Kerry Jones C am paign Director; David E lion * Treasurer; Sir John Arwill Kt cr. Naliunai Council: The Rl Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE, Garefh Grainger. Stephen Hail AM, Angelo H arsarours OAM, D an'e i eonie Kramer AC DBF, Vahoi Naulahu, Tne Hon Barry O’Koefe AM, Dr M argaret Olley AO, Mr Jeffrey Pn Hips,

- The Hon Helen Sham-Ho MLC, Mr Doug Sutherland AM