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Desperate Republicans Making False Claims

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9 September 1999



The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) claims that a debate proposed by the Standing Committee for Convocation at the University o f Sydney proves monarchists arc playing a dirty tricks campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth. Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (No Republic’·ACM) as the key counter voice to the ARM have never received an

invitation to participate in this debate. Neither has any member o f the national NO Case Committee.

Dame I-conic Kramer a member of the NO Case Committee and the Chancellor of Sydney University had no knowledge or information regarding this proposed debate

It would appear that Wayne Bums of the ARM has his knickers in a knot over debating a small group o f Sydney based individuals called The Monarchist League.

Mr Bums would be well aware that ACM and the NO Case Committee are the key organisations debating the ARM and the YES Case Committee members in hundreds of debates planned up the November 6 vote. These debates are aimed at providing information to the 40% o f Australians still undecided which way they will go,

ACM continues to run a grass roots national campaign through shopping centres, street stalls and community hall gatherings. Our main concern is to point out the fundamentally flawed republic model on offer which gives more power to the Canberra politicians, instant dismissal, powers to the Prime Minister, and the vote for the president to the Federal politicians not the people of

Notional Convenor; Professor c a v ia FI.r.t AM ■ Executive Director; Mrs Kerry Jones C am paign Director: David Eiiiolt · treasu'er: Sir John Atwill Kt cr.

N aiicnal Council: The Rt Hon Sir Harry G lib s GCMG AC KB6, G areth Grainger. Step h en Hall AM. A ngela H a t ta t o u ts c a m , ; . ' · - 1 Γ Γ Ά I « r . r f ' r . l / f n f n o · A f ’ T">RC \ 1 ^ π , ι Ο ι Κ ν , T h , a t i — ··, <·-> - c' λ Λ Μ r \ . κ » ^ Λ * , i . · .-.*·*. - . . j - . i · . · .


Statement by Mrs Kerry Jones, Executive Director No Rcpublic-Australians for Constitutional Monarchy Ph: BH (02) 9231-2200 AH (02) 9489-3309 Mobile: 0417 213 228