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Yes coalition condemns monarchist's dirty propaganda

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August 20,1999



The YES Coalition for the republic today condemned monarchist David Elliot for his irresponsible use of propaganda in an attempt to win over Australians to his cause.

Mr Elliot's suggestion that a republic would lead to a Hitler-like dictatorship in Australia is irresponsible, thoughtless and shows a deliberate misinterpretation of the bi-partisan model.

Co - Chair of the YES Coalition, Jason Yat-Sen Li says that his thoughtless reference to Hitler's regime was not only misguided, but also shows a lack of respect for those who survived his murderous leadership.


Jason Yat-Sen Li

" Mr Elliot should apologise to those survivors of the Shoah who sought haven in Australia following WWII. Mr Elliot's comments were completely without thought for all the suffering of the survivors and their families. Decent minded Australians should demand his resignation.

Norma Ingram


" Mr Elliot rightly claims that he has used this reference as a "scare-mongering" tool, and it shoWs that the monarchists will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo. They are perfectly happy to run their campaign on deception.

"The fact is that while the rest of Australia is moving toward the 21st century with a positive outlook, Mr Elliot and his cohorts want to hold us back. Fortunately he is running on a losing ticket and Australian's will gladly leave his negativity behind as

they enter the new millennium'', Mr Li said.

The YES coalition is a national, community based campaign organisation, representing Australians from all walks of life supporting the supporting the YES vote, including the ethnic communities.

Michael Archer

Judy Cormack

Nicholas Davison

Fr Tony Doherty

Richard Fidler

Peter Grogan

Keri Huxley

Lucienne Joy

"Mr Elliot fails to realise that this is an Australian issue. His attack focuses on a few high profile supporters of the YES campaign but it is the average Australian, on the average wage, those who come from diverse backgrounds who recognise the advantage of a republic.

Michael Lynch

Wendy McCarthy

John McCarthy QC

"Many of these people escaped dictatorships, monarchies, military regimes and saw Australia as a new hope. Understandably they support a republic, which offers us all a new equation for the 21st century.

"I feel, more strongly than ever that Australians will vote for a republic on November 6, 1999."

Dorothy McCrae-McMahon

John Newcombe

Leo Schofield

Geoff Ward

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George Winterton

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