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Money makes the world go around in direct election world

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T o : P o l i t i c a l e d i t o r P L S R e s o u r c e D e v e l o p m e n t

Money makes the world go around in direct election world

The withdrawal o f Elizabeth Dole - the first woman in many years most likely to become President o f the United States - from the US presidential race because o f a lack o f money highlights how big money will dominate any direct election in Australia.

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Elizabeth Dole announced she is pulling out of the US 2000 Republican presidential race, citing a lack: o f money to compete with her rivals.

Mrs Dole said she couldn’t hope to match the funds gathered by her rivals for the presidential nomination, in particular George W Bush and Steve Forbes, describing it as “an 80-toone cash advantage.”

The big money for high office stakes in the USA would also be a feature o f the political scene here if Australia was ever to have a directly elected Head o f State.

As well as the political parties wanting get in on the action and secure the office o f what is the nation’s constitutional umpire, a direct election would also be expensive.

The cost o f such an election will be similar to that o f a general election, and would cost more than $5C million in 1999 dollars. - ■ ·

On the other hand, a Yes vote at the November 6 referendum will give Australia an Australian as Head o f State.

It will lessen the power o f the Prime Minister and allow every Australian to nominate t candidate as Head o f State.

It will also mean that no politician will be Head of State, as the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and the Parliament must agree on the candidate. Because both sides of politics must agree, no Labor or Liberal stooge will ever be President.

The system proposed on November 6 will give Australian a safe, fair and inexpensive system which will not involve the big money and razzmatazz o f the American system and which will give every Australian the right to have a say on who becomes Australia’s Head o f State.

October 21, 1999

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