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The republicans are not only planning to tear up our Australian flag …

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MEDIA RELEASE 3*****^-“The Republicans are not only planning to tear up our Australian

National Flag —■ they will also destroy the insignia of the Order of

Australia,” the Legal Director of NO Republic-ACM Tasmania Mr

Michael Hodgman QC said today.

Mr Hodgman, who was in Sydney for the NO Republic Campaign

Launch and spoke with Sir James Killen and the Rt Hon Reg

Withers at Parliament House said that if Australia was ever stupid enough to become a republic “the Australian National Flag — which

73% of Australians support — would be torn up by the republicans”.

“The insignia of the Order of Australia — introduced by Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam — would also go because it has a

Crown on it.” Mr Hodgman said.

Mr Hodgman said that many republican sympathisers were

disgusted at how far the Australian Republican Movement (ARM)

was going -— and they would now be voting “NO” on 6 November.

‘The Republican Referendum for a Politician’s President is doomed to defeat — it is going down the gurgler — and it has already cost the unfortunate people of Australia nearly $100 million. What a waste of money ,”Mr Hodgman said

lap Statement by the Hon Michael Hodgman QC, Legal Director

No Republic-Australians for Constitutional M onarchy Tasmania Ph: BH (02) 9231-2200