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Abare cover up national greenhouse pollution to rise by over 70%

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G&eeKveAceGreenpeace Australia, Ph (02) 9261 4666, Fax (02) 9261 4588 ACN 002 643 852ABARE COVER-UP: NATIONAL GREENHOUSE POLLUTION TO RISE BY OVER 70%j U ^ j U FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A jU M * -Sydney, Thursday 15* April: Australian greenhouse piflution from the burning of oil, coal and gas will be more than 70% higher than 1990 levels by 2014, a figure that the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics (ABARE) hits tried to cover up today.AB ARE's publication, Australian Energy: Market developments and projections to 2014-15, launched today, was advertised as containing “estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector” including the oil, coal and gas industries. These greenhouse estimates have been omitted, despite being included in previous ABARE energy reports. Using ABARE’s own mathematical formulas, and figures in today’s report, Greenpeace has calculated the missing information - more than 70% increase in greenhouse pollution.“Greenpeace is deeply concerned that the Federal Government is attempting to hide the truth from the Australian people,” said Greenpeace climate campaigner, Robbie Kelman. “Greenpeace demands a full explanation as to why these figures have been omitted and who is responsible for this cover up.”Under the United Nations Kyoto Protocol, Australia agreed to limit its greenhouse gas emissions to an 8% increase on 1990 levels by 2010.“These energy forecasts highlight total failure of the Howard Government’s response to the world’s most pressing environmental issue - climate change,” said Kelman. “Australia’s natural heritage including the Great Barrier Reef) is already suffering the detrimental effects of abnormally high temperatures.”“The Federal Government continues to promote the excessive use of environmentally damaging fossil fuels and at the same time is failing to develop the renewable energy industry that will help solve the problem.”“The Government’s promise to increase renewable energy use by 2% by 2010 is clearly inadequate. This target must be increased to 20% if Australia is to develop a renewable energy industry that will allow us to phase out of fossil fuels, prevent dangerous levels o f climate change and meet international obligations to limit greenhouse pollution.”For more information contact Louise Fraser on 02 92630343 or 0413 837 134, or Robbie Kelman on 02 92630306, or pager 016 762 185.