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Labor's Northern Territory 'hit list' victim: safety at Alice Springs airport.

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Joint Media Release Senator Nigel Scullion Senator for the Northern Territory Maisie Austin

CLP Candidate for Lingiari

Labor’s Northern Territory ‘Hit list’ Victim: Safety at Alice Springs Airport

5 October 2004

Warren Snowdon has failed to stop Labor from revealing a victim of their Northern Territory ‘hit list’ before Saturday’s election. The Labor Party will reduce aviation safety at Alice Springs airport by cancelling coalition government plans to install new radar equipment.

“Labor’s aviation policy makes it clear that they would reduce aviation safety at ten major regional airports, including Alice Springs, compared to the level of safety under a re-elected coalition government,” Senator Scullion said.

“Labor’s finance spokesman has admitted that if they win Government they won’t be able to fund their policy commitments. This means they will have to cut back on spending and what’s one of the first things they attack … aviation safety in the Alice” said Senator Scullion

“Aviation is critical to the Territories economy; it provides a life line to people living in remote communities and in major centres. I am glad to be a member of a team that recognises this and is willing to support it,” said CLP candidate for Lingiari Maisie Austin.

“Its a pity that Warren Snowdon and his mob don’t see the value in increasing safety at the Alice airport,” Maisie Austin said

Labor’s policy is very clear - it would rescind the direction. It would not require installing the radar equipment at Alice Springs, because it says it would be too expensive. It is a shocking and cynical decision; it shows that Labor cannot be trusted with critical issues like aviation safety

Northern Territory Senator, Nigel Scullion, and CLP candidate for Lingiari, Maisie Austin, welcome the coalition government’s direction to Airservices Australia that will see Alice Springs be one of ten regional airports to receive new radar facilities.

The radar facilities will include primary and secondary surveillance radar, terminal control area workstations in the main Airservices Australia air traffic control centres, tower displays and VHF radio and communications links.

Media contacts: Lisa MacLean (Sen Scullion) 0419 641 282 Maisie Austin 0418 895 859