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Abbott's absurdities exposed: bulletin no. 31

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THE HON GREG COMBET AM MP Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Minister for Industry and Innovation


GC 244/12 25 August 2012


The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has today backed away from 18 months of predictions that a carbon price would bring doom and gloom to the Australian economy.

Speaking at the Liberal Party's Tasmanian State Council, Mr Abbott said: "Yes, the initial impact of the carbon price may not be absolutely catastrophic."

This admission comes after Mr Abbott has spent the last 18 months telling the public that the introduction of a carbon price would lead to "unimaginable" price rises, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, a collapse in investment, the death of whole industries and economic devastation for regions including wiping entire towns off the map.

He has said the carbon price would be a wrecking ball, a cobra strike, then a python squeeze and finally a drag on the economy.

Now he admits it has been none of these things after all.

As I told Parliament last week, Mr Abbott's deceit just goes up and up and up - and the Opposition Leader's credibility is being cleaned out, big time.

I will continue issuing these Bulletins to hold the Coalition accountable for misleading the public over carbon pricing.

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