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Defence and Victoria Police strengthen ties

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Senator The Hon. David Feeney Parliamentary Secretary for Defence

Parliamentary Secretary for Defence - Defence and Victoria Police strengthen ties 24 February 2012

Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Senator David Feeney has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Victoria Police. This MoU will make it easier for police officers who are also Defence Reservists to serve their community through their roles in the ADF.

“Being a proud Victorian, this signing is especially important to me,” said Senator Feeney.

“I appreciate the excellent work our police officers do in Victoria and have been privileged to see the outstanding contribution our Defence Reservists are making both here at home and overseas.

“There are many considerations which employers must take into account when releasing their employees for service on Defence operations. This MoU will help both the civilian employer and the ADF manage these considerations and their shared workforce.

“This MOU outlines support avenues for Victoria Police members who are also Reservists, and helps streamline their release from police roles when they are required to undertake Defence service.”

More than 120 Victoria Police members are also Defence Reservists.

Chief Commissioner of Police Ken Lay joined the Head of Defence’s Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division Major General Paul Brereton to sign the MOU.

“The MOU will also strengthen the management and communication between the two agencies in relation to a shared workforce under the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001. This is a positive step in building on what is already a very strong relationship between our two organisations,” said Chief Commissioner Lay.

Major General Brereton said Defence was working to formalise relationships with police and emergency services across Australia.

“Today, ADF Reservists serve on operation in every theatre in which Australia’s servicemen and women are deployed,” said Major General Brereton.

“To serve the national interest in this way and to undertake the necessary training to do so, Reservists must cope with the competing demands of a trio of stakeholders - family, employer and Defence.

“To help our people, it is important that the relationship and responsibilities of both of their employers be clear, and that they co-operatively manage their Reservists’ careers. That is what this MOU is all about and the main beneficiaries are the outstanding Australians who serve their community both as police and as Defence Reservists.

“A significant amount of effort has gone into the development of this MOU to ensure that it strengthens our relationship and benefits both parties,” he said.

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