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CFMEU bullies attack workers and defy court

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MEDIA RELEASE SENATOR THE HON. ERIC ABETZ Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for Employment & Workplace Relations

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

24th August 2012

CFMEU bullies attack workers and defy court

The union boss bullies at the CFMEU who are defying a Victorian Supreme Court order and bullying workers in Melbourne and Brisbane must be condemned by Minister Shorten immediately.

“Once again, when the union bosses up the ante and increase their militancy, former union boss Shorten goes to ground,” Senator Abetz said today.

“The CFMEU’s bullying of workers by creating posters labelling certain workers as ‘scabs’ is in clear defiance of the Fair Work Act.”

“Further, the continued defiance of a Victorian Supreme Court order to lift a blockade is unacceptable and Mr Shorten must immediately condemn the CFMEU bosses’ actions.”

“Quite clearly, the union bosses involved have no respect for the rule of law and this is just a sign of things to come now that Labor has abolished the Australian Building and Construction Commission.”

“Mr Shorten must condemn these unlawful activities and call on his union boss comrades at the CFMEU to put a stop to the bullying, harassment and intimidation of workers,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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