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Life after the mining bubble: time to move to a diverse economy

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Larissa Waters

Australian Senate Australian Greens Senator for Queensland

media release

Thursday, 23 August 2012 Life after the mining bubble: time to move to a diverse economy The inevitable burst of the mining bubble means we must begin the transition to a stronger, more sustainable and more diverse economy now, the Australian Greens said today. “The mining bubble has never been as good for us as we’ve been told,” Australian Greens mining spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said. “Mining employs less than two per cent of the Australian workforce, sends 83 per cent of its profits offshore and Treasury officials have admitted the mining sector did not play a significant role in protecting us from the global financial crisis. “Australians are now asking: When the mining bubble bursts - sooner or later - what will be left? “If the Government and the Coalition continue to allow the mining sector to drive up the dollar, poach workers from other industries and destroy the environment, then our jobs, our community and our economy will be left the poorer when the big miners pull out. “A healthy economy serves the needs of Australians and our environment, not the other way around. Let’s start the transition now to clean and sustainable industries which provide us with the long-term jobs that are the backbone of Australian communities, now and into the future.” Media contact: Elissa McKay 0419 626 725